Orange Carnelian and Garnet Briolette Earrings

Orange Carnelian and Garnet Briolettes inside 18kt Vermeil hoops dangle from rich 24kt Vermeil Flower earring wires.

Bright, exquisite colors..Orange Carnelian briolettes and rondelles are luxurious next to deep red Garnet briolette/rondelles.

The delicately detailed flower earring wires are 24kt Vermeil, paired up with smooth hoops that are 18kt Vermeil. The wire is 14kt gold-filled.

What is Vermeil? Vermeil is gold (in these earrings, 24kt & 18kt gold) permanently electroplated over Sterling Silver. It allows you to own rich, high quality gold jewelry without the expense of solid gold. Its also a great option for people who are allergic to Sterling Silver or other metals.

Earring Length: 2 inches